Big Money, Small Business Planner

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Are you a small business owner, or do you plan on starting a small business? Deciding to own and run a small business, to provide a service or product to the world is a major commitment. It will require dedication, hard work and a lot of time.

The world is ready for you to give them all you've got! Are you ready to be consistent and resourceful for your future customers? The Ali Rey, Big Money Small Business planner is the perfect tool for you to transform or create the perfect business plan.

This workbook is an accumulation of different business books in one amazing planner. Ali Rey is an avid reader and decided, after reading many business books to create this for all of the hustlers out there ready to build an amazing business.

Inside you'll find pages that will ask you the necessary questions for you to be the best business owner you can be. Your Business begins with you and that amazing idea you have, so take the time to identify your brand. Write a one page, crystal clear description of why your business will succeed. Follow Amazon's blueprint and create a press release that will define how your new idea or product will benefit your customers, figure out what the frequently asked questions your future customers will ask and resolve the issues up front. Design your logo. Find your target market and create the best marketing and advertising plan.

This workbook will have you think before your customer even buys, when they are a prospect. During their experience with you, and after the sale. Also, there is space for you to figure out a referral system, and to create a smooth sales funnel system. Take accountability for your business and your actions. Do the math. Keep track of inventory, create an amazing packaging experience, delegate and automate tasks, and accomplish your goals with this planner.

Don't forget to create your social media schedule, and to utilize the daily planning pages. Inside of this planner you'll find daily quotes from business books, business prayers, a breakdown of how you should invest your working time, some of Amazon's leadership principles and 10 things you need to do when making a change in your life.

Get started now! If you already have a logo Ali Rey can add it to your cover, along with some of your business photos inside. This planner is 3 months long and has plenty of space for you to write and create your business plan! This is a dateless planner so use it as you go, but remember to remain consistant.