6 Month Daily Planner (July-December)

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Your future, your health, your family time, your job, your finances, your goals, your happiness, your self care time, your relationships and your life are all important to us here at the Ali Rey Shop. We want you to prioritize all of the important things that matter to you, because you only live one life... So why not live it to your fullest potential. 

Remember that you matter, no matter what. And that you can create that life that you dream of, that keeps you up at night, that life that you see others living and you keep putting yourself down about, that life that you cry and sweat for. You deserve it. And here at the Ali Rey Shop, we want to help you bring your vision and your goals to life. Plan with a purpose, and prioritize your future, so that you can create habits that pass down to your children, and to your grandchildren.

Put down the TV remote, go outside, read a book, create habits, keep your promises, and be happy. The future is yours, and it's looking bright. You just have to take that first step and turn the page and do what you were born to do. Be great.

Your future should be the most important thing to you. And it is the most important thing to us. And that's why we create these amazing planners for you to utilize.

Inside of the Ali Rey Planner you'll find space for you to prioritize and plan your health and fitness, finances, mental health, and work life balance. Plan your next vacation,  practice self care and keep track of your daily meals, and physical activity.

The Ali Rey Planner includes time slots from 5am to 10pm, in 30 minute increments for you to follow a schedule and build great habits. Accomplish your personal goals, and live your life to your fullest potential, stay motivated and inspired with the daily quotes & affirmations.

This planner is 6 months long. Your name will be on the cover, and behind the monthly tabs. You also have the option to include your personal photos on the tabs to fully customize your planner.