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When it all started
"Ali Rey Beauty"

Ali Rey's 1st Pop-Up Shop


We make our products with you in mind!
The Ali Rey Shop encourages you to create your dream life & plan with a purpose.

Our Mission

Transform the way you think about planners and journals. Placing your pen to paper is a special kind of art, and we want to make it your best experience yet!

Why shop with Ali Rey?

Good for you

Using a planner/journal is a great form of therapy and helps relieve unnecessary stress.

Made to perform

Ali Rey incorporates everything she reads from books into creating these perfect stationary products.

100% Growth

Ali Rey is a believer in learning and growth. Every year she works hard to provide only the best for her community.

What we believe

With had work, time, consistency and dedication anything you want to accomplish is possible. Believe in your abilities to create your dream life. Put your goals on paper and create a plan that works for you. Enjoy your journey, today is the youngest you'll ever be so why put your goals off any longer? You got this! Make it happen!

"Your life is important to us here at the Ali Rey Shop. Your dreams and goals matter!
I am working to create a future filled with strong habits, and generational wealth that I can pass down to my children and grandchildren."

- Alisha Reyes

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